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If you own a Widgit Symbol product, your licence allows you to use materials within your organsiation. If you wish to distribute materials more widely you will need permission.

If only a few symbols are needed and acknowledgement is given then licensing is often free or very low-cost.

Licences can also be provided for projects using a larger number of symbols. As customer requirements can be very different, each request is treated individually. 

We can also help in suppying hi-res images, and checking symboised content. For more information, please see our
Design Services

For more information on licensing symbols and the acknowledgements required, please email copyright@widgit.com or call 01926 333680.

Childnet, Know IT All – Internet safety pack with symbols

Granta Housing – Tenancy documents with symbols




Symbols can also be licensed for use on websites. If only a few symbols are needed then please request permission by emailing copyright@widgit.com or calling 01926 333680.

If many symbols are needed it may be better to consider using Point, which is specifically designed for adding symbol support to a website.

Widgit will be able to advise you on whichever is the most appropriate and affordable option.

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