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Use Widgit Symbols in your publication, website or product

Widgit has developed a very large and widely recognised symbol set which is used all over the world. This is value that can easily be added to your product in whatever format you require.

For documents and websites

Widgit licenses symbols to organisations so that documents and other materials can be published and distributed.

For software and apps

We license symbols to other companies for use in their commercial products, for example their own software, online portals and apps for a range of devices.

For Local Authorities

A number of local authorities have now licensed symbols for much wider use within their geographic area. Their licenses have been arranged so that symbols can be distributed for any not-for-profit purpose within the authority

Copyright and Publishing Guidance

Widgit Symbols are protected by copyright, but this is not a barrier to their use. We are keen to help organisations create quality information. For advice and permissions on the use of symbols, please email: copyright@widgit.com

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