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We believe that no matter what your level of language or reading, everybody should have fair and equal access to information. Using symbol supported text can help anyone who has a difficulty with text, including:

  • Children beginning to read
  • Children and adults with a learning difficulties, i.e. Autism, Down Syndrome or Dyslexia
  • People for whom English is an additional language
  • Children and adults with severe physical difficulties

We have been making software for over 30 years and our collection of over 16,000 Widgit symbols are now available in more than 15 languages. Our symbols are uniquely designed to make them suitable for use with users of any age or ability. Widgit Symbols are used to help communication all around the world in all walks of life including early years and primary education (K-12), health care, tourism, the arts, social justice, dementia care and of course at home.

We have come a long way from our revolutionary Writing With Symbols 2000 software, take a look at some of the software and online solutions that can help you create symbol supported resources:

InPrint 3 - What Will You Make?

InPrint 3 - Create symbol materials to print

The perfect software solution for Parents, Teachers or SLT's working with students of any age or ability.

Writing with symbols is combined with powerful formating features to allow you to make books, flash cards, worksheets and accessible documents with 16000+ Widgit Symbols.

Create resources unique to your user from scratch or create resources from over 150 ready-made templates.

InPrint 3
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Widgit Online - Create,Save and Share Online

Widgit Online - Create, save and share online

Widgit Online allows you to create symbol resources in your web browser with no installation needed!

Simply log into your account and create resources using 16,000+ Widgit Symbols from grid templates or write with symbols within a document. Translate your resources into over 80 different languages using the Dual Language templates add-on.

Share your resources with friends, family or clients at the click of a button.

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