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iPads and tablets offer new and exciting possibilities for enhancing communication so Widgit have licenced symbols to a number of developers to use in their apps. There are details of who we are currently working with below. If you would like to be kept up to date with developments as they happen please join our mailing list and we will contact you as soon as new products and apps become available.

Widgit Symbols working in Scene and Heard Go Talk Now from Attainment

Go Talk Now is a flexible, easy-to-use and powerful AAC app from Attainment Company for people who have difficulty speaking. Attainment Company is an independent, family-owned US business which since 1979 has been dedicated to helping people with cognitive disabilities succeed at school, work and life. Now available with Widgit Symbol Library add-on.


Attainment company

Go Talk Now
+ Widgit Symbol library



Widgit Symbols working in Scene and Heard Therapy Box and TBox Apps

Therapy Box is an award-winning app development company based in London. They seek to apply the latest innovations in app development to meet the needs of those who have communication difficulties due to a range of disabilities; arising from cerebral palsy, motor neurone disease, autism, brain injuries and other neurological and developmental disorders.

Winner of the Ericsson App Award 2013 (for Predictable for Android) , a Naidex Experts' Choice New Product Award 2012 (for Scene & Heard) and A Mphasis Universal Design Award (for Predictable), we are an exciting young company who have just released ChatAble. ChatAble sits alongside our other apps, Predictable, Scene & Heard, Sort This Out Pack, Minimal Pair Pack and Odd One Out Pack.

Therapy Box

Scene & Heard
Minimal Pair Pack
Odd One Out Pack



Widgit Symbols working in Scene and Heard Sensory Software and The Grid Player

Grid Player is a free app from Sensory Software that enables you to use grids from The Grid 2 on an iPad. Grid Player comes with three complete grid sets - Symbol Talker A, Symbol Talker B and Text Talker. The symbol based grid sets are complete dynamic screen vocabularies and are available for two different levels of user. There are hundreds of further resources available from our Online Grids website.

Grid Player includes Widgit symbols and high quality Acapela speech, with both male and female voices. For people that want to use an iPad as an effective AAC device, Smartbox Assistive Technology sell complete iPad packages.

Download Grid Player for free from the Apple App Store.

Smart box
The Grid 2

Online Grids website

Sensory Software




Widgit Symbols working in Scene and Heard SymbolWorld.org

The free symbol website
you can view on your iPad

As well as dedicated symbol apps, any symbol website can easily be access on an iPad.

SymbolWorld is a FREE website dedicated to symbol users of all ages. It enables symbol users to access information independently which might not otherwise be available to them. Symbolworld contains a huge variety of articles, stories and information. With 100s of articles updated weekly, symbolworld is an excellent free resource for symbol users of all ages.





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