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Pushes and Pulls

From the LET'S SIGN Series of British Sign Language

The materials in this pack focus on the teaching of vocabulary relevant to the Science curriculum units Year 1.

The pack contains files in various combinations – BSL signs with words and the Widgit Symbols give clear visual representation of the meaning in its context and signs with and without words provide variety of format.

Resources from Cath Smith at Deafbooks

Symbol Word Cards


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InPrint 3 fileNewly designed pack for InPrint 3

We recommend running InPrint 3 version 3.0.2 or above when using this pack. You can download the update from downloads.widgit.com
cip fileFind the older pack for InPrint 2


01 My Word Book
Book containing all the key words and their corresponding signs.

02 Display Cards
A5 sized displays cards of the key signs and symbols to stick up or cut out for learning activities.

03 Activity Cards – Landscape
Flashcards with sign, corresponding Widgit symbol and text.Landscape format. (2 per page).

04 Activity Cards - Portrait
Flashcards with sign, corresponding Widgit symbol and text. Portrait format. (5 per page).

05 Finger Spelling
Learn to spell key words using individual sign letters.

06 Match Sign to Symbol
Match the sign to the Widgit symbol activity.

07 Match Word to Sign
Match the word to the sign activity.

08 Pairs
Pairs of signs of all the key words to use for games and activities (instructions included).

09 Cut and Stick Letters
Spelling activity - cut and stick the signs (of individual letters) to spell the signs shown.

10 Name the Sign
Write or fill in the name of the signs shown.





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