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A set of 5 books, information sheets and flashcards based on India.

India Symbol Resources

This symbol supported pack will support teaching and learning about India and it's culture, providing background information for a U.K. contrasting non-/European country.

Teaching materials include a book about India, supported at 5 different levels and 6 supported Information sheets (with appropriate flashcards) covering different aspects of Indian culture including art, entertainment, food and festivals.

There is also a vocabulary list to use alongside the books.


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This pack has 2 sets of reading books, in 5 different reading styles and a set of 12 activities.




Introduction, Art, Cities, Entertainment, Festivals, Food, Mountains, Rivers, Special Occasions, Traditional Dress

Information Sheets:
Art, Entertainment, Festivals, Food, Special Occasions, Traditional Dress

Vocabulary List

The extra symbols and pictures included in this pack are great for supporting topic work for all students in the class.

Vocabulary Book


  • Text only Short sentences, one sentence per line, four lines per page
  • Supported text As text version with the addition of small symbols for key words and new vocabulary
  • Symbol The same text plus symbols for all the main words for pupils requiring more support
  • Simplified Less information, two to three lines per page
text version
Text only
Supported text page
Supported text
Fully symbolised version
Simplified version


As well as using the materials as supplied, they can be modified or adapted for individual needs.

  • Edit a book leaving just the pictures for pupils to write their own sentences
  • Use the flash cards as pictures to illustrate pupil writing and displays
  • Use the vocabulary checklist as a reference sheet for individual writers
  • Record pupil progress and understanding of the vocabulary on the checklist
  • Print the flashcards from each book for vocabulary games

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