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A series of stories and activities based around the book of Genesis.

The Bible is a library with 66 books in it.

Genesis is the first book in the Bible.

It tells how God created the world and outlines the history of the first people.

In the 'Simple Truth' Irene Green retells 19 stories from Genesis.

Irene Green contact email:



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Genesis cip file FREE
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Genesis cip file FREE
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Genesis pdf file FREE
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InPrint 3 files This pack was created using InPrint 3 - Create your own symbol materials to print. Perfect for Parents, Teachers, SLT’s working with students of any age.


  1. God Makes Everything
  2. God Makes a Garden
  3. The First Murder
  4. Noah and the Flood
  5. God Confuses Peoples Language
  6. God's Agreement with Abram
  7. Too Hard for God
  8. Don't Look Back
  9. Hagar and Her Son
  10. The Angel and Isaac
  11. Isaac needs a Wife
  12. The First Baby's Share
  13. Jacob and the Blessing
  14. Jacob Dreams of Angels
  15. Jacobs Love for Rachel
  16. Joseph's Brothers Sell Him
  17. God Understands Dreams
  18. From Prison to Palace
  19. A Son is Found

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