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A set of 14 hymns supported by Widgit Symbols


The pack contains accessible hymns in two formats:

  • Song Sheets
  • PowerPoint Slides

The Song Sheets consist of 8 lines of symbolised text per page; designed for an individual to be able to clearly read and sing from.

The PowerPoint Slides for each hymn are designed to be displayed on a screen, interactive whiteboard or projector. Each slide consists of 2 lines of symbolised text to sing along to. These can be used with the accompanying song sheets and use the exact same symbolisation for consistency.

There are two versions of the pack:

  • InPrint 3 Song Sheets - can be personalised and edited
  • PDFs - No specialised symbol software required

Both packs come with the PowerPoint slides for group singing.


Pack Name Application Price  
Hymns InPrint 3 filePowerPoint file £5
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Hymns PDF filePowerPoint file £10
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The symbol supported hymns contained within this pack.

  • All things bright and beautiful
  • From the tiny ant
  • Go tell it on the mountain
  • He's got the whole world in his hands
  • Light up the fire/Colours of Day
  • Morning has broken
  • One more step along the World I go
  • Praise him
  • Sing Hosanna
  • Thank you, Lord
  • Think of a world without any flowers
  • When a knight won his spurs
  • When I needed a neighbour
  • Who put the colours on the rainbow?
Hymns All things bright and beautiful


  • InPrint 3 and PDF
Hymns Whole world in his hands
Hymns Colours in the rainbow

  • PowerPoint

All things bright and beautiful

Morning has broken

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