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Pushes and Pulls

Books and activities to support science unit

The pack contains 15 resources including books, flashcards, vocabulary lists and a selection of activities for individual and groups.

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Symbol story


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Pushes and Pulls
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Sorting and using materials, Pushes and pulls


Push and Pull Story - Symbol
A story which talks about pushes and pulls in everyday life

Push and Pull Story - Text
A story which talks about pushes and pulls in everyday life

Display Flashcards A4
Large flashcards to display in the classroom

Display Flashcards A5
Small flashcards to display in the classroom

Vocabulary List
Vocabulary linked to the forces section of the science programme of study

Symbol Word Cards
Symbol/word, symbol and word cards to print and use for vocabulary games

Key vocabulary including word definitions

Activity linked to the key vocabulary

Activity to find and practise key vocabulary linked to pushes and pulls

Board Game 1
Fun game to identify pushes and pulls in everyday objects

Board Game 2
A different variation of board game 1 to identify pushes and pulls

Card game to match the symbol to the word for the key vocabulary

Missing Words
Complete the sentences about pushes and pulls

Push and Pull Objects
Play various games with the cards to match objects with push or pull

How Many
Count how many objects that can be pushed or pulled

Board Game
Board Game


Missing Words
Missing Words


Symbol Word Cards
Symbol Word Cards


Vocabulary Sheet
Vocabulary Sheet

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