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A symbolised resource to engage and develop young rowers indoors and out.

London Youth Rowing

London Youth Rowing (LYR) and the Royal Albert Dock Trust (RADT) have worked with Widgit to develop new resources aimed at young people from 11 - 18 years old.

LYR delivers indoor rowing sessions in schools, youth clubs and community groups to over 10,000 young people every year. In partnership with RADT we are also able to run many on-water sessions to multi-generational groups at the London Regatta Centre in East London.

"We needed new, easy to understand and fun resources to engage some of the young people that we work with. We have now had a series of new symbols and resources designed for us that enables us to engage young people with different abilities and ensure they are able to access all aspects of the sports of indoor and on-water Rowing." -LYR

This resource is available as a ready to print PDF. It can also be installed for InPrint 2and tailored for individuals.


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London Youth Rowing SymWriter 2 FREE
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London Youth Rowing SymWriter 2 FREE
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Rowing GuideUsing a Rowing Machine What should I wear?

Indoor Rowing Machinename the parts - Indoor Name the Parts - Outdoor

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