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Spring Pack

Worksheets and activities from the Symbols Inclusion Project

12 fun activities aimed at KS1, KS2 and Special Schools. Zed, the main character from the early reading books, returns in the Easter Story. The Spring pack can be used for independent activities and group work.

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InPrint 3 files This pack was created using InPrint 3 - Create your own symbol materials to print. Perfect for Parents, Teachers, SLT’s working with students of any age.


01 Zed's Easter Story - symbol
- Symbol supported version of an Easter story with Zed as the main character.

02 Zed's Easter Story - text
- As above but text only version with pictures.

03 Easter Writing paper
- Lined writing paper for pupils to write about Easter.

03 Spring Activity book
- 13 Assorted activities including bookmarks to make and worksheets to fill in.

04 Spring Differences
- 5  sheets of spot the difference pictures

05 spring letter match
- Sheets with lower and upper case letters to pair up.

06 spring recipe
- Recipe for Easter biscuits

07 Spring Counting
- Springtime Book of Counting 1-10.

08 Spring Wordsearch
- Wordsearch using Easter seasonal vocabulary.

09 Spring Colouring book
- Spring pictures to colour.

10 Spring poem
- Poem about planting seeds and harvesting.

11 Spring Bingo
- Game with picture cards and boards for 10 players,
plus instructions on adapting this for other vocabulary.

12 Spring Pairs
- Match pictures for simple pairs and snap games  

Draw a picture

Write the word activity


A symbol story page   crossword  counting activity

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