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Traditional Stories

A fully comprehensive pack with differentiated activities.

The pack contains a variety of 18 activities, which include the story, sequencing activities, worksheets, a cut and stick activity, matching activities, describing, drawing, storyboard and playscript.

Pack produced by the Symbols Inclusion Project.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears


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InPrint and PDF

  • Story Text
    Text version of the story
  • Story supported
    Symbol supported version of the story
  • Story simplified
    Simplified version of the story with symbols
  • Sequence sentences text
    Sentence strips for sequencing the story - text version
  • Sequence sentences symbol supported
    Sentence strips for sequencing the supported version
  • Sequence text
    Paragraphs for sequencing the text version
  • Sequence pics
    Pictures for sequencing the story
  • Write own story
    Book template with pictures for writing your own story
  • Draw own pics - text level
    Book template with text for drawing your own pictures
  • Draw own pics - symbol level
    Book template with symbols for drawing your own pictures
  • Flashcards
    A set of flashcards which includes vocabulary
  • Vocab list
    A list of words and symbols using the vocabulary from the story
  • Describing
    Cut and match to make a sentence
  • Sentence halves
    Cut and match to make a sentence
  • Underline adjectives
    Five sentences to underline the adjectives
  • Yes No
    Cut and stick or write the correct answer
  • Goldilocks storyboard
    Picture and flashcards
  • Playscript
    Character lines to act out the story

vocabulary scheet

story pages

cut and sequence sheet

SymWriter 2 Activities

Goldilocks - choose text sentences
Re-tell the story by putting together the10  text sentence halves. The pictures can also be added to illustrate each line. The completed sentences are not spoken until the ‘Next’ arrow is clicked. Use the time to encourage the student to read the sentence aloud. The delete key allows them to start that line again.


Goldilocks - match picture and word
Picture and word matching. Choose a picture and then choose what it is. A complete sentence is sent to the document and spoken.


Goldilocks - sequence story symbols
Goldilocks - sequence story text
Separate Symbols and Text activities to sequence the story.  Each grid deals with one of the stages of the story. Use the words first, second and third. The text version also uses ‘Then’ and ‘Next’


Goldilocks - write sentences
Reconstruct the story using a sequence of structured writing grids.


Goldilocks - word bank
A text level activity to re-tell the story. Sentences are spoken when the full stop is added.

choose text sentences

sequence story symbols

write sentences

Where to put your SymWriter 2 files

These activities (.swe files) need to be put into your Environments folder. You may wish to organise your downloaded activities into sub-folders within this folder. The standard paths to these folders are:

XP C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Widgit Shared\SymWriter\Environments

Win 7 and Win 8 C:\Users\Public\Documents\Widgit Shared\SymWriter\Environments

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