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The Three Pigs

Traditional Stories

A fully comprehensive pack with differentiated activities.

The pack contains a variety of 16 activities, which include the story, sequencing activities, crossword, a cut and stick activity, matching activities, flashcards, drawing, storyboard and playscript.

Pack produced by the Symbols Inclusion Project.

The Three Pigs


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The Three Pigs Symwriter Free
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simplified pages of the story

InPrint and PDF

  • Story Text
    Text version of the story
  • Story supported
    Symbol supported version of the story
  • Story simplified
    Simplified version of the story with symbols
  • Sequence sentences text
    Sentence strips for sequencing the story - text version
  • Sequence sentences symbol supported
    Sentence strips for sequencing the supported version
  • Sequence text
    Paragraphs for sequencing the text version
  • Sequence pics
    Pictures for sequencing the story
  • Write own story
    Book template with pictures for writing your own story
  • flashcardsDraw own pics - text level
    Book template with text for drawing your own pictures
  • Draw own pics - symbol level
    Book template with symbols for drawing your own pictures
  • Flashcards
    A set of flashcards which includes vocabulary
  • Vocab list
    A list of words and symbols using the vocabulary from the story
  • Crossword
    A simple crossword using vocabulary from the story
  • Cut and Stick
    A set of 4 questions about the story
  • Three Pigs storyboard
    Pictures and flashcards
  • Playscript
    Character lines to act out the story

SymWriter Activities

A set of six activities, including:

  • A quiz
  • Matching word to picture
  • Sequencing the story
  • Writing sentences

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