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SymWriter2 - Easy symbol writing for everyone
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SymWriter 2

Easy symbol writing for everyone

SymWriter 2 is a symbol-supported word processor that any writer, regardless of literacy levels, can use to create documents.

Writers of any age or ability can use the Widgit Symbols to see the meaning of words as they type, supporting access to new or challenging vocabulary.

Communicate: SymWriter



  • The Widgit Symbol Set in colour and black & white
  • Easily import photographs and pictures
  • Recolour symbols and change skin tones
  • Copy and paste to and from other applications
    (Ctrl+Alt+C and Ctrl+Alt+V)


  • Smart Symbolising based on parts of speech
  • Spell checking with symbols
  • Full speech support
  • Full access for one or two switches and switch scanning


  • Network friendly - Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP compatible

French Language Add-on

Create French symbol documents with this language add-on for SymWriter.

For teachers

Communicate: SymWriter is an easy-to-use symbol writing program. Symbols appear above the words as you type and ‘smart symbolising’ analyses the text to help select the correct symbols. You can drop in photos and images to illustrate your document, or add them to a word to replace a symbol for more specific meaning.

SymWriter’s flexibility allows you to create documents with just the level of graphic support you need. SymWriter is perfect for teachers who want to produce straightforward symbol-supported materials that are easily understood by learners.

For beginner writers

When typing in text mode, students can see the meaning of the words in the symbol chooser. Symbols give the writer visual assistance, reinforcing meaning and improving confidence. SymWriter features text-to-speech and a spell checker with symbol support.

For students writing with grids

SymWriter 2's interactive environments use on-screen grids to make writing accessible to users that need additional help. Users can select items from the grids (using a mouse, keyboard, touch screen or switches) to be automatically added to their document, switch to another grid, or to perform a range of actions.

The environment editor makes it easy for teachers to create their own activities or to adapt an existing environment. Environments can be as simple or as complex as you like, from enabling users to build basic sentences and play simple games to creating whole documents, acting as an on-screen keyboard or a powerful teaching aid for whiteboards.

SymWriter 2 is a motivational education tool that enables writing composition by removing literacy barriers.


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SymWriter 2 launcherFREE Upgrade to SymWriter 2


With a wide range of new and powerful features and all the latest Widgit symbols, SymWriter 2 is a major upgrade to SymWriter.


FREE Download

Users of SymWriter can update to SymWriter 2, free of charge, using our web download.

Network managers can also download MSI files.

Order DVD Back up

Customers requiring the SymWriter 2 installation disc can order a DVD at £20.00 (ex P&P + VAT)*.

* Proof of purchase for SymWriter will be required

Symwriter 2




Recommended running specification
XP (service pack 3), Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Pentium processor (800MHz min, Pentium 4 or above at 1Ghz min preferred)
256Mb RAM min, preferably 512MB or above and Sound Card
1GB hard disk space.
Minimum resolution of 1024x768.
Supports widescreen resolutions.

Full program

Installations Price  
Single installation £149
5 installations £349
10 installations £499
15 installations £599
20 installations £649
30 installations £749
Site Licence - Unlimited Installations £1589

All prices are quoted ex VAT and without post and packing.

Licences are for installation on a single geographical site.

International Language Versions


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Installations Price
Single additional installation £149
Five additional installations £299
Ten additional installations £399
Fifteen additional installations £499
Twenty additional installations £549
Thirty additional installations £649
Site Licence - Unlimited Installations Up to £1489

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Licences are for installation on a single geographical site.


Widgit Essentials Bundle

Widgit Essentials Bundle

InPrint 3

SymWriter 2


Installations Price  
Single installation £289
Five installations £699
Ten installations £959
Twenty installations    £1,339
Thirty installations £1,459

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All prices are quoted ex VAT and without post and packing.

Licences are for installation on a single geographical site.

International Language Versions

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