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Writers of any ability can use SymWriter 2, a symbol word processor, to see the meaning of words as they type or input content from grids, supporting access to new or challenging vocabulary.

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Getting Started With Writing Grid

Getting Started with Writing

Grids can support emergent / reluctant writers to begin writing independently by providing key words, phrases and sentence structure.

Recording Choices Grid

Recording Choices

Grid environments give students the ability to independently express and record both personal and academic choices in a written format.

Phonics Grid

Word Building

Grids with text-to-speech output can help students develop word building skills using phonics.

Sentence Building Grids

Sentence Building

Support students with EAL and students with speech and language impairments to construct grammatically correct sentences.

Advanced Writing

Advanced Writing

As writing skills develop students can use tools such as symbol spell check to self correct and text-to-speech to recite work.

Recording Knowledge Grid

Recording of Knowledge

Give students the ability to record curriculum knowledge in an easy accessible format.

Support Topic Work Grid

Support Topic Work

Ready-made resources can support students to structure and give them the ability to produce written material on a given topic.

Audio Books Grid

Audio Books

Grids with text-to-speech allow students to independently access traditional stories and encourage enjoyment of literature.

Classroom Materials Grid

Classroom Materials

Use ready-made grids to support students recording of results from experiments / investigations with minimum writing required.

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Writing with grids

Interactive environment
SymWriter 2's interactive environments use on-screen grids to make writing accessible to users who may have difficulties using a keyboard. Students can select content from grids using a variety of input devices (mouse, touch screen , switch or eye-gaze), to be automatically added to their document, navigate to another grid, or perform a range of formatting actions.
Editing environment

The environment editor makes it easy for teachers or parents to create their own activities or to adapt an existing gird. Environments can be as simple or as complex as you like, from enabling users to build basic sentences and play simple games to creating whole documents, acting as an on-screen keyboard or as a powerful teaching aid for whiteboards.

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SymWriter 2 Add-ons

MFL Languages and additional symbol databases specially designed for use with SymWriter 2:

French LanguageFrench Language

Support French teaching by using Widgit symbols with this add-on for SymWriter2.

MakatonMakaton Signs & Symbols

Create your own Makaton printed materials with the complete collection of core vocabulary signs & symbols.

Health SymbolsWidgit Health Symbols

A collection of symbols specifically designed for use in healthcare settings.