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World War I Activities

A set of World War I Activities based on the World War I books

This activity pack has 35 materials based on the themes covered in the World War I Books back. The activities have been designed to support the teaching and learning of this historical period.

WW1 Activities



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WW1 Books



  • Symbolised timelines of key events during the war. these are available in various sizes with the option to cut and stick the dates.

Comparison activities

  • Compare life in 1914 and 2014 with a cut and stick ven diagram activity. Compare household items, toys and games, industry and transport, and food.


  • Recipes for Brown Stew (cooked for soldiers in the trenches) and Parkin (a sweet biscuit eaten during the war).

Topic activities

There are 5 activities for each of the main book titles:

  1. Spelling
  2. Picture-word matching
  3. Quiz
  4. Symbol-word cards
  5. Word search
  • Armistice
  • Road to War
  • Technology
  • The War
    War at Home

The extra symbols and pictures included in this pack are great for supporting topic work for all students in the class.

word search


flash cards

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