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Christmas Pack

Worksheets and activities from the Symbols Inclusion Project

This pack contains a range of 21 activities based around the secular aspects of Christmas, suitable for children of different ages and abilities. The more difficult activities are numbered towards the end of the list.

How many mince pies


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InPrint 3 files This pack was created using InPrint 3 - Create your own symbol materials to print. Perfect for Parents, Teachers, SLT’s working with students of any age.


01 Christmas Spider Story - Symbols
A traditional tale about why we put tinsel on a Christmas tree.

02 Christmas Spider Story - Text
A text only version of the Christmas Spider story

03 pairs
Christmas pictures for playing pairs or lotto. These are also useful for a range of other matching and memory games.

04 Different
Six screens with a row of objects with one picture that is different. Suitable for small group work or with an individual to do on screen. Point to the different one on each page. Alternatively print off in colour and laminate or place in a transparent document pouch.

05 Odd one out
Similar to 04 Different but with several lines of odd-one out sets per page. Suitable for printing as a paper based activity.

06 how many 1-5
Counting activity numbers up to 5

07 how many 6-10
Counting activity numbers up to 10

08 What's wrong
A set of picture cards with something wrong on each picture. Use this in conversation with a child or print for children to mark up.

09 Board game
A traditional style board game for dice and counters
10 Peppermint Creams recipe

11  Picture sequence Set A
Sets of sequencing pictures. Each set has 3 pictures. Print out a set of three for discussion and to place in the correct order.

12 Picture sequence Set B
Follow on from Picture Sequence Set A with 6 pictures per set

13 Activity book
A  set of 5 individual paper and pencil activities  including  dot to dot and spot the differences. This can be printed as single sheets, or from InPrint, printed as a booklet.

14  Letters to Santa
Various letter paper for writing

15 Spot the difference
Pairs of pictures with slight differences. 10 pairs in totals.

16 Hidden words
Words that can be made from the letters in 'Christmas'. Symbols for the words are already shown with spaces for the child to write the letters.

17 Cupcake recipe
Seasonal cooking

18 Crossword
Christmas crossword

19 Subtract
Subtraction activities, gradually getting more difficult

20 Wordsearch
Christmas Wordsearch

21 Tic-Tac-Toe
A Tic-Tac-Toe layout with Christmas pieces to cut out to play the game as an alternative to coloured counters (or noughts and crosses)

memery game


spot the differenecs


letter to santa


letter to santa



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