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tel : 01926 333686
InPrint 3 Support

Common Questions

How do I update my copy of InPrint 3?

How do I find my serial key?

How do I display sex ed and drug use symbols?

How do I display text above symbols?

How can I save an InPrint 3 document as a .PDF file?

Request Remote Support

How can I use my old Makaton / BSL Databases with InPrint 3?

Will my old InPrint 2 files work with InPrint 3?

Will my old InPrint 2 resource packs work with InPrint 3?

How do I install resources from Widgit.com for use with InPrint 3?

I have made changes to the default templates, How do I revert to the original version?

My resource is not printing correctly to my Xerox printer



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