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Widgit Trainers are a country-wide network of experienced trainers who can offer a wide range of services to all members of the community.

Area: Barnet
Name: June Isik Consultancy Limited
Contact: June Isik
Centre Type: Widgit Trainer
Tel: 07879 854190
Email: info@juneisik.com
Website: www.juneisik.com
Area: Bedfordshire
Contact: Judith Buchanan
Centre: Widgit Trainer
Tel: 01234 343 659
Email: judithmbuchanan@yahoo.co.uk
Area: Birmingham
Name: Learning Solutions 4 U
Contact: Ronnie Shoebotham
Centre Type: Widgit Trainer
Tel: 0121 682 5655
Email: ronnie@learningsolutions4u.com
Area: Buckinghamshire
Name: Help With Autism
Contact: Jo Bridson
Centre Type: Widgit Trainer
Tel: 01296655984 / 07545952048
Email: jo@helpwithautism.co.uk
Area: Cumbria & Lancashire
Name: CandLE North
Contact: Marion Stanton
Centre Type: Widgit Trainer
Tel: 0794 627 4795
Email: info@candleaac.com
Area: Durham
Name: Orangery Education
Contact: Steve Mulgrew
Centre Type: Widgit Trainer
Tel: 0845 348 9445
Email: enquiries@orangeryeducation.co.uk
Area: Hertfordshire
Name: ICT Connections
Contact: Mary Rebelo
Centre Type: Widgit Trainer
Tel: 07813 310 292
Email: mary.rebelo@ict-connections.co.uk
Area: Kent
Name: Resources for Inclusion
Contact: Kirby Woods
Centre Type: Widgit Trainer
Tel: 01322 440016
Email: contact@resourcesforinclusion.co.uk
Website: www.resourcesforinclusion.co.uk
Area: Oxfordshire
Name: Moonstone Communications
Contact: Karen Clarke
Centre Type: Widgit Trainer
Tel: 01367 718275
Email: karen@themoonstone.com
Area: Highlands & Islands
Name: Fiona Mackenzie
Contact: Fiona Mackenzie
Centre Type: Widgit Trainer
Email: Tods_Tips@btinternet.com
Area: East Yorkshire
Name: Nick Trapnell Speech and Language Therapy Services
Contact: Nick Trapnell
Centre Type: Widgit Trainer
Tel: 07807578573
Email: ntrapnellslt@outlook.com
Area: West Yorkshire
Name: Shelagh Crossley Training
Contact: Shelagh Crossley
Centre Type: Widgit Trainer
Tel: 01535 600 116
Email: info@shelaghcrossleytraining.co.uk




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